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Winners from Champs

We stepped into 2nd year of Basketball coaching at Woking on 17th Sept 2019. All the active kids celebrated the big milestone with us; We stepped into 2nd year grandly with happy faces as the "STAR of the season" award announced; with "Aksel" securing the MVP for Dunkers group and "Jamie-Lee" securing the MVP for the Champs group. After reviewing each skills, there was a champion selected for each skill and the champion received a medal.

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Yay, First Milestone

Cometh the 17th of September

We are proud to annouce the 17th of September 2019 marks the first anniversary of Bee Sports basketball club. When we decided to start this company, we had a massive challenge ahead of us to build the basketball coaching club from ground. Our love of Basketball game, pushed us to promote the game to young age kids by taking them at early years, meaning we decided to go for primary school age kids. It wasn't easy task, we still have a long way ahead of us. The interest shown in Basketball is phenomenal and it was clearly evident for us in the first few weeks.

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Kids - common fears

Sports come with stress, both on and off the field. Sometimes, that stress can grow into anxiety and fear, keeping kids from enjoying activities to the fullest. It might even hold your child back from trying something new or sticking with a sport through the season.

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Basketball Player Positions

Basketball Positions - UK
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