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Welcome to BeeSports

BeeSports are kids professional basketball coaching club offering exciting programme from 5 to 14 years old, boys & girls.

We aim to provide children with "best" basketball experience, including learning by fun & match play. We welcome everybody - any ability, age and gender. We especially welcome beginners.

Players will work on passing, catching, spacial awareness, team work and co-ordination with an emphasis on the game of basketball.

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How It Works

  • 01 - Register For Taster Session
  • Register as Parent / Guardian. Please use the registration form to create account and child(s) details.
  • 02 - Child Taster Session - Confirmation
  • BeeSports will communicate with recommended free session, venue and trial date.
  • 03 - Attend Free Taster Session
  • Child attends the taster session. There you will have your opportunity to witness your child participating in the actual sessions along with regulars. You will be provided platform to clarify any doubts and speak to coaches.
  • 04 - Book Sessions for Child
  • BeeSports will communicate schedule regular sessions and communicate on the start date. Once accepted by you & initial fees for the rest of current term are paid, the child can attend regular sessions.
  • 05 - Child Regular Sessions
  • Now, your child can attend regular sessions. BeeSports expects you to pay every term by standing orders. Term invoices will be generated and be made available to you over the email and BeeSports online account.

Bee Sports Services

Weekend Clubs

We run weekend clubs in Woking. We are looking to extend to beyond current realm. Should you wish to know if we are looking to extend to you area, please drop us a note at info@beesports.uk.

After School Clubs

We work in partnership with schools to run as external provider clubs. The school clubs time may vary based on the agreement with school.

Should you wish your school to have Bee Sports as external provider club, please contact us.

Birthday Parties

Treat your child to a fun-filled sports themed birthday. Let us take all the hard work out of party planning by running all the games and activities at your child's next party. We have the equipment and experience to run our sports-themed party games at any indoor or outdoor venue. Let the games begin!

If you are interested, drop us a note at info@beesports.uk with your contact details and we will reach you.

Bee Sports Scheme

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Fulfilling Potential

Overcoming difficulties

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